At Utkarsh Therapy Center , we generate the right environmental conditions for the child and give him/her the appropriate professional training. Our team first focuses on identifying and exploring each child’s potential and opportunities. Then through a tailored process, we strengthen and develop him.


Physical therapy strives to enhance and restore a child’s functional ability through developing his gross motor skills.


Occupational therapy helps children learn the skills of living. This means any activity a child needs to be able to do in daily life- from self-care, to handwriting, to zipping a zipper.

SPEECH THERAPY (Communication)

Speech therapy works to improve a child’s understanding of language and expression of thoughts and feelings.


Aqua therapy is use of water and water-induced resistance to improve physical functioning


Play therapy is a method of providing a way for children to express their experiences and feelings through a natural, self-guided process, without being  judgmental.

ART & MUSIC THERAPY (Colors &  Rhythm)

Music offers them the ability to express themselves without words and facilitates relaxation through singing, playing instruments, or listening to music.

REMEDIAL THERAPY (Focused Session)

One to one sessions are more focused towards individual goals and specific outcomes.

COUNSELING (Problem Solving)

Counseling sessions are more specific to problem solving and issue resolution.

Success Story

Aarush joined Ankur Vidyamandir  in 2016 mid year after being unable to cope with his development in his previous school. When Aarush joined our school he was a very reserved child. As his speech was not clear, he would avoid social interaction. He would not even look into your eyes when you tried to talk to him. He is a very bright child, but he refused to be socially interactive due to his speech impairment. He was very restless and destructive in the classroom. Our team at AVM analysed his behavior for 3 months and prepared an IEP. In that IEP we suggested Aarush should be attending Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Play therapy and Remedial therapy. After ensuring his parents understood his needs, the team at AVM and parents together worked towards the common goal. Today Aarush is very different than how he was on his first day. His speech has improved. He is willing to inject himself in social situation and has became more expressive. He started making eye contact and started communicating his feelings. A boy who would usually be spending time on a mobile phone started taking interest in other activities. Today Aarush loves to draw and paint. He makes an effort to use full sentences as opposed to single word answers. This difference in Aarush is a result of a disciplined effort from his teachers, parents and the therapists of AVM. If you want to connect with more kids like Aarush and want to be a part our journey to bring the positive change  please contact us . It surely will leave a big positive impact on someone’s life as well as your personal life.