Ethos behind Margdarshika

Skills are defined as functional as long as the outcome supports the student’s independence. For some students, those skills may be learning to feed themselves. For other students it may be learning to use a bus, including reading a bus schedule.

We can separate the functional skills as:

Life Skills

Walking, self feeding, self toileting, making simple requests.

Academic Functional Skill

  • Math skill – Telling time, counting and using money, balancing a cheque book, measurement and understanding of weight and volume.
  • Language Arts – Recognizing symbols, moving on to reading signs (stop, push) and moves on to reading directions. Reading a bus schedule, a sign in the bathroom or directions for using the bathroom.

Community Based Learning-

These skills include using public transportation, shopping, making choice in restaurants, crossing streets at crosswalks

Social Skills- In order to function in the community, students need to understand how to interact appropriately with different members of the community, not only peers and family.

Employability skills- Communication, teamwork, problem solving, entrepreneurship, self management and technology.

Who can be part of Margdarshika

  • Trainers
  • As trainees – Young adults with or without disability

Benefits of ANKUR Margdarshika

Benefits for trainees

In Ankur Margdarshika Vegetable Cutting Project is a Vocational Training Module for the special need and normal young adults for imparting them skills like sorting , washing , chopping , packing  and weighing Vegetables, so that it reaches you ‘ready to cook’. The concept behind this project is to make these young adults self dependent ,confident and professional in whatever field of career they choose. The income generated by this project would help them in their higher education and skill enhancement.

Benefits to the society

Optimum utilisation of resources is a key content of our training. Whatever waste is generated in this training process is segregated. The wet waste goes to our composting unit and the dry waste is recycled. The vegetables are bought directly from the local farmers. Hygiene, quality and cleanliness is monitored by our big team of trainers for buyers comfort.

Benefits to the buyers

‘Ready to cook’ vegetables could help you save time. You and your family can eat healthy everyday .Our ‘ready to cook’ vegetables could save you some time to hit the gym, go for a walk ,enjoy family time.

Social value of the project

A Project run for providing individuals of various abilities a platform to learn and earn. As the name suggest we are the torchbearer’s for those who couldn’t break the social stigma alone. We as Margdarshika team provide equal opportunities to those who couldn’t seek avenues for social mobility. We work as a team to train special need and normal individuals together, so that they can also dream to be part of mainstream society.  AnkurMargdarshika is a capacity building training for special need individuals and those who come from marginalised section of the society. We provide guidance in diverse ways and ensure by providing necessary skill set ,they can attain an identity.

  • How can you help
  • Appreciate our Trainees by buying our products
  • Sponsor a child
  • Donate your time.