Aarohi is an early intervention training center and specialized early intervention center. In our training center we provide training for

Course 1 :Early Intervention Training For the Facilitator.

Course 2 :Early intervention training for professionals working with children 0-6 in child care setting

‘Aarohi’ An Early Intervention Project Designed to Help Children with Special Needs From birth to 3 Years and To Equip Families to Deal Effectively with Their Challenges.

Why Early Intervention?

  • Helps in strengthening families with special needs child in birth to 3yrs age group.
  • Supporting families with resources and guidance in child care.
  • Counseling to the families with a special needs child.
  • Earliest possible Assessment of a child for Developmental delay.
  • Diagnosis and Evaluation of the child of 0-3yrs age group.

All Need-Based Therapies under one roof.

“There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what he cannot do”